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5 Ways to start sleeping better

5 Ways to start sleeping better

If you have chronic insomnia or having trouble to get a good night's sleep, you can take several steps toward finding relief.

  1. Get a check-up from your primary care physician. If you have any of the medical conditions known to be related to insomnia, talk about treatment options for both the health condition and the insomnia.

    Ask your doctor if any of your medications are known to cause insomnia and if there are good alternatives.

    Your physician may refer you to a sleep specialist, or you can ask for a referral. The sleep specialist will get a detailed history from you and may recommend a sleep study.
  1. Stick to a daily routine. Eating meals at regular times is a good way to start training your body to expect certain activities at certain times.

    Go to bed at the same time each night, even on weekends, and set your alarm clock for the same time every day (unless you're terribly sleep-deprived.)
  1. Move every day. You don't have to "work out" at an athletic level. Even low-intensity activity for brief periods can help you sleep better at night.

  2. Set up your bedroom for restful sleep. Consider using environmental sleep aids such as room-darkening window treatments and a weighted blanket.

  3. Watch what you eat, especially at night. Eating late at night, too close to bedtime, can cause heartburn. Even mild heartburn may wake you up without your realizing it.

    Try to stop eating two to three hours before you go to bed. And avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine as much as possible in the evening.


Because insomnia is a widespread problem, innovative products are appearing on the market to help people sleep. Weighted blankets originated in clinical therapy and can give great results at home too.

Surely, you'll find more novel items for rest and relaxation in the near future. Keep your focus on quality and long-term results, and you'll find the combination of sleep aids that works for you.


You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money renovating your bedroom to get a better night's sleep. But some improvements will take a minor or moderate investment of time or money.

You'll certainly need to commit to a program of good sleep hygiene. With a little more attentiveness to where and how you sleep, you'll start seeing a difference in all areas of your life.

By changing your attitude toward sleep and committing to improving your general health, you can put yourself on the path to happier days.


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