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About GNO

Remember being tucked in bed on a chilly night and piling on the blankets? We missed that feeling… and more importantly the restorative feeling it gave in the morning.

Unfortunately, a pile of old blankets and quilts isn’t the practical solution when you’re lying in bed and your mind starts racing through events of the day (or plans for tomorrow). We struggled with long nights of unthrottled ideas and anxiety. And (as you are probably well aware)—trying harder or forcing your mind to sty empty never really works.

We wanted a reliable, and comfortable, way to wipe out the anxiety and racing thoughts that came pretty much on cue as we got into bed. Fortunately we discovered that the weighted blanket could replicate everything we were looking for; plus it was manageable, comfortable, and just the right temp for nightly use.

Finally, sleep AND feeling rested were synonymous again.

Simplifying Your Relationship with Sleep

The problem was, all the weighted blankets we tried either used cheap fabrics or extremely hot minky covers.

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    Our solution

    So through trial and error—and yes, there were a few more sleepless nights before fine-tuning everything—we perfected a weighted blanket system that can offer you the peace of mind and restorative sleep you’ve missed.

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    Along the way, we learned a few things about product development, manufacturing, and distribution; in other words, we have made it easy for you to get the perfect blanket and a better night’s rest.

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    We continue to learn how to make products more accessible, reliable and effective; all without you having to go through layers of ‘middle-men’ and avoiding extra overhead costs associated with storefronts and shop employees. And at the end of the day (or in our case, at the beginning of the night😉), we pass the savings on to you.

A Mission to Sleep

  • 1. Product

    Refined, smooth and cool to the touch when you tuck in for the night. We’ve unlocked the key to sourcing consistently high-quality materials for a restful night.

  • 2. Experience

    Sleep well without reliance on the science or ritual; and stay comfortable with materials, design and construction that feels like a natural extension of your bed.

  • 3. Personal Touch

    Time tested options that showcase an attention to detail and craftsmanship. And a truly comfortable duvet cover just adds to the practicality.

  • 4. Personalization

    You shouldn’t have to worry about logistics when it comes to a restful night. It’s so simple. Select your optimal weighted blanket and bring on the zzz’s.

Duvet Cover

Bamboo Fabric

The outer shell is 100% Bamboo fabric. Seriously, we’re talking hotel-grade luxury. For those that aren’t familiar with bamboo, we’ve frequently heard it mistaken for silk since it has such a smooth, soft hand. To prevent the blanket from shifting inside the cover, there are 12 ribbons and loops that attach easily…plus, it’s just as easy to remove for washing.


100% Organic Cotton

Made from 100% organic cotton, this earth-friendly blanket is carefully constructed to offer great breathability and temperature control, so you can use it during winter and summer months. With its cloud-like feel and year-round comfort, this luxurious addition will let you have more quality sleep, so you can be the best version of yourself.

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