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Wake up tomorrow as "the best you", after a perfect night sleep! Use code "Get10Off" for 10% off your order

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    Your best days come after a good night’s sleep

    So why does it feel like night after night, you lay in bed with your mind racing? It’s time to stop the race before it starts.

Designed for the Art of Sleep


Year Round Comfort

Keeping you warm and snugly in winter, and comfortable and calm in summer


Thoughtfully Designed

Truly machine washable construction for durable, premium comfort


Bamboo Duvet Cover

Crafted from pure bamboo fabric, the cover is wonderfully cool and snugly soft



Eco-friendly, non-toxic and reliable for long term use

GNO weighted blankets

Redesigning the art of sleep, featuring premium weighted blankets to deliver a peaceful, restful night of sleep. Kiss those long nights goodbye – for good.

Natural Bamboo Fabric

Crafted with durable sewing technology from pure bamboo lyocell fabric , the removable bamboo cover is wonderfully cool and snuggy soft . Machine Washable .

100% Breathable Organic Cotton

Ultra Breathable and Silky Smooth , Iur Luxurious 400 thread count USDA certified organic cotton is sustainably sourced and grown in compliance with Oeko-Tex Standards without the use of harmful chemicals .

Lightweight Fabric

Soft and breathable fabric for making the beads inside the blanket noiseless .

Micro Glass Beads

Premium small glass beads , noiseless , odorless , non toxic and hypo allergenic .

Duvet Cover

Bamboo Fabric

The outer shell is 100% Bamboo fabric. Seriously, we’re talking hotel-grade luxury. For those that aren’t familiar with bamboo, we’ve frequently heard it mistaken for silk since it has such a smooth, soft hand. To prevent the blanket from shifting inside the cover, there are 12 ribbons and loops that attach easily…plus, it’s just as easy to remove for washing.


100% Organic Cotton

Made from 100% organic cotton, this earth-friendly blanket is carefully constructed to offer great breathability and temperature control, so you can use it during winter and summer months. With its cloud-like feel and year-round comfort, this luxurious addition will let you have more quality sleep, so you can be the best version of yourself.


Gift Ready

Complete with a plush carry bag. Gift it, or use it as a secure carry bag when taking your blanket on the go. Think of it like a portable hug :)

Optimized for a Truly Restful Night

While the blanket is soft and cozy on it’s own, when paired with the silky 100% bamboo cover it takes on an extra level of luxurious comfort.

  • Maximum coverage to wrap up in or to spread across the bed at 60”x80” (20lbs.)
  • 12 internal loops and ribbons to prevent duvet shifting, yet easy to remove for washing
  • Perfectly distributed extra small beads to prevent lumps and clumps during the night
  • Constructed with reinforced thread to insure a lifetime of use

Welcoming Life Changing Mornings...

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    Our Sleep Is Actually Much Better!

    I was very sceptical buying this blanket and reading the effect of heavy blankets on sleep quality... BUT, both me and my wife are sleep way-way better because of this. The feeling of the heavy blanket is really good, it feels warm but not sweaty, and it grounds you and relax you. The travel bag is a great addition! My wife has sleeping issues since she was a teenager and she says she feels this is one of the first thing to actually help with her sleep quality. Highly recommended!!!

  • User


    Love it!!!! Sooo comfortable!!!!!

    Amazing. When I first took this product out of the box I was like damn this thing is heavy. But as I got it out and replaced my old one with this new one. It felt like heaven. Omg this blanket felt like nothing!!! It was soooo comforting and very very warm. I love it so much. I highly recommend it. It’s also easy to put alway and take out. It’s easy to wash to. But I highly recommend washing it with medium heat. Again love this product it’s worth to buy and also highly recommend you get it.

  • Daniel


    Excellent product

    I received this blanket a few days ago, and my opinion of it could not be higher. I usually do not get a full night's rest, but the comfort of the weight of the blanket lets me sleep all night. I finally feel well rested, and I actually get up in the mornings! Additionally, the bamboo cover makes the feel of the blanket one of the most comfortable I've ever felt. This is one of the best purchases I've made recently. Nothing can really compare with a full night's rest, and this blanket provides it. Highly recommend.

  • Erika H.

    Erika H.

    5.0 out of 5 starsLove this weighted blanket!!!!!!

    From the moment I opened the box, I just knew this was going to be a great investment. It was packaged in an airtight bag within the box. I love the carrying case because now I can take it with me when I travel. I like that when I shifted at night, the weight did not shift (I’ve read reviews for other weighted blankets that do that). The material feels so soft, like sateen. It’s cool and breathable. Even my dog is enjoying it!!!!!!! :) I will definitely be suggesting this weighted blanket to friends and family.

  • Susan davis

    Susan davis

    The 5 W's

    Who: GnO Solutions. What: 20 lb weighted blanket. Where: it can be used everywhere, i will totally be taking this blanket with me everywhere I go, I travel for work and sleeping away is definitely difficult but not with my new blanket. When: anytime- naps- TV time- bedtime. Why: because I love my new blanket so very much, it hugs me, I thought with all the weight that it would be hot- Not hot actually kept me at the appropriate temperature. Thanks GnO Love struck

  • molly j.

    molly j.

    Looks and feels great! highly recommend

    Have been having trouble sleeping suffering from anxiety and depression. My therapist recommended this type of weighted blanket Saw this blanket by GnO Solution had great reviews, so I ordered 1 a couple of weeks ago. The first night I tried it I felt like I was cuddling a big teddy bear, and I slept like a log. This weighted blanket is constructed very well looks and feels like the manufacturer really invested in quality materials. I highly recommend this for people of all ages, even if they dont have any symptoms or problems

  • Nicole P

    Nicole P

    Found my new weighted blanket!

    I have one other weighted blanket and have been using it for almost a year. It does not have a cover and has tons of little squares of fabric with beads in them that are noisy. This blanket comes in a very soft cover one side being fluffy soft and the other smooth. It doesn’t make any noise at all when moving around! It also doesn’t feel too heavy. I have lots of issues sleeping and this blanket helps to make me feel cozy and helps to relieve some of my anxiety. I would definitely recommend this!

Lifetime Guarantee

Getting a restful sleep every night is a high standard, but we’ve designed a premium blanket to give you back that feeling of a refreshed morning. So, if for any reason, you decide that this weighted blanket is not for you, just send us an email and receive a 100% money-back refund. No questions asked. Sleep is our priority too.