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Awaken feeling refreshed and recharged

Improve your night’s sleep naturally with a GnO™ Weighted Blanket. Not familiar with weighted blankets? Here’s how they help you achieve that great sleep, every night.

Gently Minimize Anxiety

With the just-right pressure of a weighted blanket, you can experience the naturally comforting feeling of being held. This blanket “hug” helps alleviate anxiety and can allow you to transition to a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Reduce Reliance on Medication

Escape the roller coaster of sleep meds and all their nasty side effects. A weighted blanket gives you an alternative to reliable rest without medicine, and while we think you’ll probably want to use it every night, it definitely doesn’t qualify as habit-forming ;)

Boost Sleep Quality

Go from laying awake, mind racing, to a restulf and restorative sleep using the gentle pressure and comforting “hug”of a weighted blanket. The targeted pressure has just the right resistance to help decrease restless movement that can keep you up.

Naturally Increase Serotonin

Science shows us that your brain will produce seratonin with gentle pressure on various parts of your body. A weighted blanket can help trigger that production of seratonin – a naturally occuring brain chemical that helps regulate sleep and can potentially counter depression.


people sleep better with our blanket

  • user


    Great if you have sleep issues!

    I bought this because of recent and ongoing sleep issues due to anxiety. I had tried many other things to remedy my sleep issues prior to purchasing this blanket. This has made a huge difference to me, I have actually slept!! The blanket is heavy, I don't think I would recommend it if you sleep with another person in the bed as it moves if you roll over. If you are right between two of the recommended weight blankets, I would go with the lighter one. The blanket is super warm.

  • user

    Erin Dougherty

    Good product for the price

    I chose this one because it was reasonably priced compared to other products and it was our first time buying one. My 4 year old son has always wanted several blankets piled on top of it when he slept and would end up a sweaty mess. I realized it was the weight that he was craving, so i tried a weighted blanket. He LOVED it! He carries it with him around the house because it's the only blanket he wants to use now. He falls asleep faster than before. It's given him (and us) peace and comfort about bedtime.